Favorite 80s Movies

As Mandy will readily attest, I am a movie junkie. One of my favorite leisure activities is to watch a movie (especially on the big screen in the theater). I can watch almost anything and enjoy it. From action/adventure to drama to a romantic comedy (yes, even those), I am a big fan of the silver screen.

While streaming License to Drive on Netflix, I had the urge to make a list of my favorite movies from the 80s, which can be found below. I saw many (if not most) of these movies when they came to my local video rental store (remember those–we did not even have a Blockbuster where I grew up) or, better yet, when they made it to network TV.

I have listed my favorite movies by year with my top pick for each year listed first. The remaining movies are listed in alphabetical order.











Do you agree with my list, think I should have listed a different movie as my top pick, or think I left a key movie off? Comment below or contact me.


  1. Toni says

    Great picks – agree with most. I never watched the Star Trek movies but have never disliked Star Trek so I probably would have liked them. I would have added Annie, Footloose and Mr. Mom… The only other one I have not seen is License to Drive.

    Praying Molly Kate continues to heal quickly!

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